Open source web dashboard for Slurm HPC clusters.

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Latest release: v3.1.0 (2024-07-03)

Slurm is the world leading workload manager for HPC clusters. It includes all most advanced features to manage jobs and resources efficiently with a powerful command-line interface (CLI).

Slurm-web provides a web interface on top of Slurm with intuitive graphical views, clear insights and advanced visualizations to track your jobs and monitor status of HPC supercomputers in your organization.


Intended for everybody in HPC

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System Administrators

Get real-time overview of nodes state and jobs queues to quickly spot hardware issues and possible optimizations of workloads.
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Get clear insights on resources utilization to help take decisions on usage policy and evolution of HPC clusters capacity in your organization.
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Intuitive graphical interface to track your jobs and collaborate on studies. HPC clusters are not reserved to computer engineers anymore.


Most advanced features

Central server

Multi-clusters Support

Slurm-web can be deployed on a central server to access information about all HPC clusters in your organization from a single user interface.

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Jobs Filters and Sorting

Slurm-web has a natural and intuitive user interface to easily filter and sort jobs instantly with a few clicks. It makes really trivial to observe specific job flows and understand Slurm scheduling.


Live Jobs Status

The user interface is fully reactive, it is continously updated in near real-time with latest data fetched from clusters. Literally watch your jobs running with visual representation of their progress!

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Node Status

Slurm-web includes advanced visualizations of the compute nodes in datacenter racks with their status. This can be displayed in fullscreen to constantly keep an eye on your HPC clusters!

All devices


The web interface is designed to be responsive in order to be accessible with any devices from largest desktop monitors to smartphones.

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Entreprise Authentication & Permissions

Slurm-web is designed to address highest entreprises security concerns. Users are authenticated on central LDAP entreprise directory and fine-grain permissions are managed with an RBAC authorization policy.


Transparent Caching

Slurm-web supports fast in-memory databases to form a protective cache layer over Slurm workload manager. This significantly reduces load on Slurm which can focus more on production critical tasks such as scheduling and resources management.

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Systems support

Supported on most Linux distributions

Slurm-web is officially supported on most Linux distributions deployed on HPC clusters with native packages for easy installation and updates.

Not enough? We have many ideas of new features for the future.

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Follow the quickstart guide to deploy Slurm-web on your HPC cluster in few steps.
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Full documentation is available online with architecture details, installation guides, configuration references and tips for troubleshooting.

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